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1984. Clarke’s View of Camberley ISBN 0 9509945 0 2


Published by me. 36 pages. A4


A short history of Camberley prior to 1914, including the Fire Brigade, Churches, Schools, the Police and sport in general. A foreword by Michael Grylls, M.P.

Sorry no longer in publication.

1986. Clarke’s Camberley at War ISBN 0 9509945 1 0 
Published by me. 32 pages A4
This covers Camberley during the First World War, and looks at how the town adapted to this horrific time. There is a list of all those who lost their lives during the conflict, which equated to 1 young man a week just for Camberley. There is short history of the Royal West Surrey Regiment, in which many of the men served. It also includes details of bravery awards and some who lost their lives. A foreword by Michael Grylls, M.P.
Price: £4.00

1990. Camberley in Old Picture Postcards. ISBN 90 288 4693x/CIP
Published by The European Library. 76 photographs.
A book of photos mostly from my own collection.

Sorry no longer in publication.

1991. Frimley and Frimley Green in Old Picture Postcards. ISBN 90 288 5188 7/CIP 
Published by The European Library. 76 photographs.
A book of photos from a collection of Graham Barson, who co wrote the book.
Sorry no longer in publication.

1994. Camberley in Old Picture Postcards. Volume 2. ISBN 90 288 5790 7/CIP 
Published by The European Library. 76 photographs.
A book of photos, some from my collection, but mainly from the collection of Colin Sinnott

Sorry no Longer in publication.


1995. Around Camberley. ISBN 0 7524 01483. 
Published by The Chalford Publishing Company. 128 photographs.
Mostly photos from my collection.

Price: £7.50

History of RavenscoteHistory of Ravenscote
1997. Time Gentlemen Please. ISBN 0 9509945 2 9
Published by me. 86 pages. A5.
This book details all the history of all 33 pubs that were in Frimley and Camberley, prior to 1950, including a list of licensees for each of the premises. There are photos of each site now, and what they were like in the past.  

Sorry no longer in publication

History of Ravenscote SchoolHistory of Ravenscote School
1997. History of Ravenscote School. 1972-1997.   
Published by me and  Ravenscote School.
A book to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the school.

Sorry no longer in publication

Clarke's view of France Hill School.Clarke's view of France Hill School.
1999. Clarke’s View of France Hill School. ISBN 0 9509945 3 7 
Published by me and the Surrey Heath Local History Club. 40 pages. A4.
This book covers the beginnings of the school in 1947 and what it is like in the present day, 1999. It was my old school and I have included my own memories as well as those of other ex pupils.
Price: £3.00

Francis Frith around CamberleyFrancis Frith around Camberley
2000. Francis Frith’s Around Camberley. Photographic Memories ISBN 1-85937-222-8
Published by Francis Frith Company Ltd. 90 pages.
The photographs in this book come from their collection, with the captions and introduction by me.

Sorry no longer in publication

Cadaver in CamberleyCadaver in Camberley
2003. Cadaver in Camberley, Demise in Deepcut. ISBN 0 9509945 4 5
Published by myself 110 pages. A5
In this book I examine the murder of Mary Anne Hogg in 1906 in Camberley, and the death in suspicious circumstances in 1931 of Lt. Hubert George Chevis, whilst stationed in Deepcut. The book contains photos, a lot of background, as well as my opinions of each death.
Sorry no longer in publication

Heenan vs. SayersHeenan vs. Sayers
2003. Heenan v Sayers. 1860. 
Published by me and the Surrey Heath Local History Club. 24 pages. A4.
This book looks at the famous bare knuckle fight that took place in 1860 near to where I live, which is etched into the history of the sport.

Sorry no longer in publication

The Royal Albert SchoolThe Royal Albert School
2004. The Royal Albert School. 
Published by me and the Surrey Heath Local History Club. 40 pages. A4.
This was an orphanage which opened in 1864 with boys and girls. It looks at the beginnings of the school and includes memories from staff and pupils who worked and attended the school.
Price: £3.00

 Camberley: A pocket album.Camberley: A pocket album.
2004. Camberley. A Pocket Album. ISBN 1-85937-873-0
Published by Francis Frith Company Ltd.
This is a smaller copy of their book published in 2000.
Sorry no longer in publication



2005. Pocket Images Around Camberley. ISBN 1-84588-135-4
Published by Nonsuch Publishing Limited.
This is a smaller edition of the book published by The Chalford Publishing Company Limited in 1995.
Price: £7.00

The diary of Rosamond Cleere Newton.The diary of Rosamond Cleere Newton.
 2011. The Diary of Rosamond Cleere Newton. ISBN 978-0-9509945-6-7
Published by myself. 76 pages, 46 photographs.
Rosamond was born in Mickleover, Derby and commenced her diary in 1897, before moving to Camberley on marriage the following year. The book contains much information about her family and friends, as well as places where she visited. Her comments are very personal, and some of them are quite revealing, and are indicative of how she lived and what she thought about a number of people and the world in general.
Price: £5.00

New Mosque or Old SchoolNew Mosque or Old School
2012.  New Mosque or Old School.  ISBN 978-0-9509945-7-4

Published by myself and Surrey Heath Local History Club.  48 Pages, 27 photos, A4 format.

This is a booklet that covers the whole story about the planning application and subsequent appeals and hearings that put Camberley at the forefront of media interest, but nationally while the story uncrovered.  Read about events that may surprise you in connection with the application to replace the locally listed York Town School with an eastern designed large Mosque.  Also inlcluded are my own comments on the scheme.

Find out more here:

 Price: £3.50


DVD of Camberley and DistrictDVD of Camberley and District

DVD Camberley and District. 2 disc set.

The late John King took cine films of Camberley, and some of the people and events of 1936 to 1938. Also included is one that includes some colour shots of Germany, just before the outbreak of war, as well as scenes from Brighton. John's commentary adds to this unique DVD, and will provide interest, not only for long term residents, but also for newcomers to the area, in giving them an insight as to how Camberley was in the 1930's.

Price: £10.00

I am Ken ClarkeI am Ken Clarke  
2018. I am Ken Clarke. ISBN-13: 978-0-950994-58-1
Four years ago on my birthday  thought it was abojut time I wrote a book about myself before it was too late.  I am the 5th generation of my familiy living in the area, my great, great grandfather arriving with the Royal Military College, now the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, in 1812.  My life growing up in post-war Camberley, was so different from today and this book will take you on that journey.
Price: £6.99 plus P&P